Thursday, April 24, 2008

Felix Friday

Hiiz, every furrfren and beanies!

We are really excited to introduce ourselves, I shall get the paper ball rolling...

Ahem, I’m Felix, the Tuxie and I'm 7 years old this year. My brother Garfield, met with our MachBean (MB) for the 1st time in Jan 2001 at her old hunting place, a vet clinic.

Back then, one of MB's colleague's friend heard our pitiful meows when she came back from work and found us huddled together at the lift lobby staircase. Up to now, I'm still not sure why and how we ended up there but boy, was I glad we had each other throughout the ordeal.

Another blessing was that the lady friend called MB's colleague to save and place us at the clinic for adoption. Phew.. Its not the SPCA that she called.

We were so relieved to have shelter, food, water and next day, we saw our MB... on her 1st day of work!! Can you guys believe it?? Garfield: Hi, Mom!

Few days in, MB decided to adopt us because she couldn’t bear to see us being separated and during her lunch break, she comes and confide in me that she felt especially protective of me because I was much smaller and seemed weaker compared to Garfield.

She doesn’t know I’m the TOP CAT in disguise. For what I lacked in stature, I make up with my brain power. (sorry Garf, the truth had to be revealed) Evidence#1

Betcha never read 'The Lottery Winner' before huh? I have but MB does not allow me to buy any lottery tickets. Too young for allowances and bad habits, she said... But it says 'w.i.n.n.e.r', that's a good thing rite?? Hmmph
I would like to end here, as being 7 years old does not equate to being long-winded, there's always tomoro...heh heh
Garf: Hey, where's my part? I wanna share about how I love mom and love u and love Jaws and cardboard and.. Felix: Yes yes, I will let you share your LOVE tomoro, alrite?
Garf: Err, that'd be like soon? Like sooner than dinnertime? Felix: .......
Till then, Purrs and Headbutts


Emma's Kat said...

Hey guys! Welcome to the blogosphere! We are glad we stumbled upon your blog at Cecil's. You 3 are just too cute! C-ya around!

-Emma's Kat (the human), Emma, Marley, Benji & Sammie (the woofie) :)

Daisy said...

Felix! I knew it! Thanks for telling us all about you. That's a neat story about how you got adopted and got to stay together with your brother.

Poppy Q said...

Oh Felix, I liked to hear about how come you became adopted.

Can you tell your mum though that the small font is a little bit hard to read. Maybes if it was a bit bigger it would be better.

Have a great weekend my newest blogging friends.

Poppy Q said...

I have done a meme on my blog, and I thought it would be good for you guys to do.

Another thing, is that because blogger is set up in the US it posts with American times and days on it. You have to go into your set up pages to change it, but it is pretty easy to do. Then it will show the time that you post in Singapore.

Have a nice weekend blogging friends.