Thursday, May 22, 2008

So wat's yesterday's WW answer?

Garfield: Errr, Jawsy... Wat's that
something of your something from
yesterday's WW?

Jawsy: Well, it seems that it was

tougher to guess than I expected.
Maybe I overdid on the mosiac a
tinny, weeny bit OR Mums has bad
photography skills. Yes, I believe it's

the latter. Nevertheless, pls find the
original un- blemished photo of my.....
belly furs!

Felix: Gosh, that's like neither here
nor there and U call it 'belly furs'??
I pity those that had to even look at
it yesterday!

Jawsy: Hmmphh *turns head away*

Felix: But I have to agree with u that

Mums photography skills leaves much
to be desired. Tink I'll get her to leave
the photo-taking to me next time.
Yes, I shall speak to her, after a snackie.
U guys wan some too?

Garf & Jawsy: Alrite, wait up!


Anonymous said...

We like the un-fooled around photo of your furs much better, Jawsy!

goldenshade said...

Very pretty belly, Jawsy!

Daisy said...

Jawsy, I knew it was some part of you! I recognized your pretty calico furs.

Moki said...

We cheated. We read today's post then looked at the pictures from yesterday...

Karen Jo said...

I also like the picture of your belly furs un-mosaic-ed, Jawsy. Very cute.

Team Tabby said...

Belly fur! We shooda ben able to figure that.

Mindy & Moe