Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuxie Toesies Tuesday

Hi, everfurrdy! Its me first Tuxie Tuesday and as an added bonus, I will include me toesies too... You KNOW u wanna see them... heh heh
Wow, u say? Yup, this my tuxie back paw, built to pounce on paper balls and fevvers at any moment's notice.

. Wat's so special about this blurry pic now? I will come to that later, pls wait while I ask Mbean wat she think she's doing taking such a horrid pic and thus tarnishing the beauty of me toesies...

Mbean: Well, for starters you were not very cooperative, Felix. You couldn't stay still for more than 10secs and kept wanting to attack the camera strap. You know, you can learn from Garf the techniques of self-control, seeing that his Kung-fu skills are pretty handy...

Ooookay, thank you Mbean, that sure was a long story, wasn't expecting one, but... I still love u
Ahem, yes the special single PINK toe-pad, there's no toe-pad like that pink toe-pad, uh-huh.
Last but not least, the all black front toesies. They are so fast, those toys would not know what whapped them... whahaha
Have a grreat day, everyfurrdy! *waves paw*


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your first Tuxie Tuesday Toesday!

Daisy said...

Felix, I think your single pink pawpad is extra-special!

The Crew said...

Wow, one pink toe pad among all those black ones. Very impressive!

Moki said...

We think you have some very lovely toe pads Felix, particularly the pink one!

Karen Jo said...

You have some pretty impressive toesies, Felix. I really like your one pink toepad.

goldenshade said...

Gorgeous paw study!