Thursday, September 4, 2008

Less than thirteen Thursday + Awards

Hi everyfurrdy, Felix here! So sorry for our lack in blogging, blame it on the mommie, naturally. *stare at mommie*
But we kitties did remember to jot down the 'Less than 13 events' that took place last month, so we can share with you guys. : )

1) Mommie moving to her new place and
2) Mommie's office underwent renovations, thus...
3) Huge lag in blogging *stare at mommie again*
4) Ran into the partitioned office 87 and a half times.
5) Booster Naps.
6) Tried our paws at Olympic Synchronised Dry Diving (when coming down
from the high nap spots for snackies - not recommended when coming out
from deep snooze though)
7) This event was veri scairty cos Garfield gotted choked on his kibbles. He nom nom nom way too fast and a pc of kibble that was mixed with wet food gotted stuck somewhere in his throat or windpipe, cos he was wheezing and making yakking sounds but nothing came out. Mommie quickly patted at the sides of his ribcage and tried to do a mini heimlich, but still the wheezing continued. But he was brave and didn't panic, and while mommie was comforting/patting his sides, she went and lifted up his hind legs and within 1-2 mins (which seemed like a lifetime according to mommie), Garf gave a big cough and yakked out the menacing 0.5cm kibble. Phew! We went online and learnt that beans can help us by patting our sides (end of ribcage) but not too hard like a karate-chop (cos it will break our delicate bones) and apparantly lifting the hind legs (no dangling pls) will cause gag reflex. We are most thankful that Garf is A-ok. So furriends, pls chew ur kibbles as much as you can before gulping it all down!
We gotten Awards! We can't stop grinning! :D

This 'Cool Cat' Award is from the gang over at the Jan's Funny Farm. Thank you so much guys, we are most honoured! And congrats on Mr. Non-Nekkid Cold Box! Happy whapping! tee hee
Since we feel all animal lovers are cool, we dedicate this award to everybody in the kitty and woofie blogosphere!

Next up, is the 'The Best Friend Forever Gold Card' Award from Team Tabby - Mindy & Moe!
Thank you both cute kitties for this award! *smooch smooch* Though we are at the other side of the world, through blogging we have gotten to know wonderful kitties and beans, we are truly thankful! Thanx for the friendship everyfurrdy!

Here are the Rules:
1.Only five people allowed. 2.Four have to be dedicated followers of your blog 3.One has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world. 4.You must link back to whoever gave you the award

We just gotta give this to Poppy Q, it was her floofy tummy that gotten mommie's attention and after de-lurking us, she and her mommie encouraged us to start our own blog. :)

Then there's Mickey, Gandalf & Grayson, The Cat Realm and Daisy. We always look forward to your visits and comments, and though we can only post 5 names, pls know that we appreciate each and everfurrdy that drop by and get a laugh or 2 on the house. : )

Many Kissies and Hugs!


Mickey said...

Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I bet you had fun checking out Mom's new office ;) heehee
I am glad your Mom was there when Garfield was choking! I guess we need to eat slowly!!! That's hard to do sometimes!
Thank you so much for the award!
Congratulations to you too :)
Purrs Mickey

Daisy said...

I sure am glad Garfield is okay! This is a good lesson about not nomming too fast.

Congratulations on your awards! And thank you ever so much for passing the BFF gold card on to me, too!

Team Tabby said...

There's lots of things going on wif you guys. We are so glad your mom kept calm when Garfield was choking and that she was able to help him. That is scary. We are also guilty of 'inhaling' our food too wifout chewing. Glad everything turned out okay.

Mindy & Moe

Tesla said...

glad yoo iz back. Now put da bitey on mommeh.

Anonymous said...

We're very happy the Garfield is OK after is nomming problem. That sounded like it was very scairty. Congratulations on your awards! Thanks for giving us the BFF!

The Crew said...

(sigh) It's just so hard to find good help, isn't it? We have the same problem here.

Hey, congratz on your new awards!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, we're so relieved Garfield is okay.

Congratulations on your awards.

We're having lots of whapping fun with Mr. Nekkid Cold Box since he's been dressed.

Cats said...

We iz glad you are safe ~ and thanks for this useful info too ~ concats on the awardies!

The Cat Realm said...

Congratulation on your awards!!! And thank you so very much for giving us the BFF gold card - we very much appreciate it!
Our Emil was always doing that, eating too fast and then yakking it all out.... somehow he still managed to get quiet big. Especially around the waist. We miss him....
Your friends from The Cat Realm

Chairman Mao said...

Oh wow, I'm so glad that Garfield is okay -- how skeery! And conCATulashuns on yur awardies! They are furry well deserved!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

So good to see you come around again because I have missed my Mach kitties! Gosh Garflied you sure gave your mommy a big scairty noshin all the food so fast. I eat too fast too and then I cough.
You go tsome pretty great awardies...conCATulations on them!
So eat slow and sleep long nappies!!!!!